Running races in Israel

Running races in Israel

Looking to run in Israel? Here you can find all the information about it!

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Real Timing - Profile

Our main fields of expertise: Race production, Chip Timing, and services for running events.

Nowadays most races, unlike in the past, are much more than the spontaneous organization of a local community. The standards are high and the demands are tougher than in the 80's or even the 90's.

We at Real Timing live the day-to-day work, and know it. Thus, we provide everything the race organizers need, from the planning stage until closing the race, including:

  • Professional advice (beginning to the end)
  • A complete digital timing solution, in an RFID technology, with a personal chip for each contestant
  • Registration
  • Publicity through various channels, utilizing connections with most of Israel's running clubs
  • Full equipment for the event, including the finish gate, the start gate, the digital timing clock, the podium, the direction signs etc.

  • Video/ Stills photo

  • and many more...

We have experience with a vast array of situations, including Field Races and multi-participant Road Races.

For us, each and every race is treated personally, and we consider the benefits of the participants before anything else.


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Participating in a running race in Israel

If you wish to participate in a race in Israel and have difficulties with the language, you are invited to contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with choosing a race which suits your traveling area in the period of your stay in Israel.
Generally in September-June (except January) there are races every weekend, and sometimes more than one race in a weekend.
For the Hebrew Israeli running calendar, press here


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